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We oversee the computer and mechanographic applications
in 44 public organizations and 150 private firms
in the mainland and island Greece.

Public Organizations Support

PROSET is specialized in supporting the software applications of mostly Singular Logic and Alfaware in municipalities, municipal enterprises, L.P.PU.L. (Legal Persons governed by Public Law) and L.P.PR.L. (Legal Persons governed by Private Law). We oversee the applications in 44 Organizations in mainland and island Greece. These applications are are built to completely serve the needs of a public organization (administrative, economics, municipal enterprises, payroll etc.).

The support includes:
– Employees training to new applications.
– Software upgrading.
– Unlimited and prompt telephone and network support (through internet) and on the spot visits.
– Consultancy concerning the operating functions and systems of the Organization.

Extra supplied services:
– Payroll management.
– Installation of Time & Attendance and Access Control equipment and network connection.
– Hardware and software technical support.


Private Firms Support

Support of the CSA applications in pharmacies.
We oversee the software applications of 130 pharmacy shops and other pharmaceutical companies (mostly in Macedonia), including Military Pharmacies. PROSET is specialized in pharmacies support and suggest the application Farmakon that covers the whole range of one pharmacy shop needs.

The support includes:
-Employee training upon the purchase of the software application.
-Unlimited and prompt telephone and network support (through internet), as well as on the spot visits whenever this might be necessary.

Extra supplied services:
-Training of a new-comer employee.
-Processing other software applications.
-Hardware and software technical support.


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