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We meet your needs by utilizing latest-technology
equipment and applications,
suitable for your working operation.

Computer management software applications for Public Organizations

These applications (released by various computer software development companies), are built to completely serve the needs of a public organization (administrative, economics, municipal enterprises, payroll etc.). PROSET is specialized in the support of Local Authorities and suggests integrated applications that cover the whole range of a Municipal’s needs. Getting an idea…

Computer management software applications for Private Firms

PROSET is specialized in supporting pharmacy shops and other pharmaceutical companies and suggests the application Farmakon of CSAthat covers completely the wide range of their needs, such as:

– Implementation of medical prescriptions
– Online orders
– Warehouse operation
– Suppliers and customers management
– Financial management
– Statistical analyses

Time & Attendance and Access Control, device mechanisms and software applications.

Time & Attendance and Access Control, device mechanisms and software applications.
In today’s market that merges between private firms as well as administration bodies create an increased number of personnel in companies and public organizations, the necessity for internal control is becoming more and more demanding.

Time & Attendance and Access Control device mechanisms are now necessary to cover this field, in order for a big (or even small) enterprise to operate its functions appropriately.

The option possibilities of these devices extent from a simple registration of an employee of the time of his entrance and his exit, up until to the recording of his access to any part of the enterprise, allowing or forbidding the entrance, automatic locking of doors etc., while the the employee’s identification extents from a simple rfid card or pin password check-in all the way to the matching of his identity through his biometric data such as fingerprint, eye or face analysis, etc. Our suggestions…

Also, these devices may be network connected, allowing the client to fully monitor their data on real time through the internet, even if they are set apart, in a different location than the enterprise’s headquarters.

According to the special needs of our client, we supply the most suitable device, while we accompany it with the appropriate software application that will help the administrator by offering all the possibilities for processing and analyzing the data which might be required.


Internet application of prepaid mass-email sending (SMS by PROSET).

The pre-paid mass-email sending platform “SMS by PROSET”, offers the possibility to a company, to directly inform the total number (or by separated groups) of its customers through SMS, with news such as:

-Product offers
-New product arrivals
-Events organization and other activities

The sending process is very quick and is achieved through an easy operating environment, while all the SMSes contain the sender’s firm identity. The routing and delivering of the SMSes is done without delays with standard single payment fee to all Greek telephone networks. Connect now…

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