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Total Support

PROSET is active in the selling of new-technology mechanisms and computer software applications sector, as well as in the client’s constant support…

Full Coverage

We meet your needs by utilizing latest-technology equipment and applications, suitable for your working operation

Supporting Public Organizations and Private Firms

We oversee the computer and mechanographic applications in 44 public organizations and 150 private firms in the mainland and island Greece…

Specialised Information

We provide with news and specialized reports of our client’s direct interests.


Integration of the logistical equipment and the computer software applications to a consolidated support system which meets our client’s needs.


Computer software sufficiently structured into complete serving an Organism or a Firm (administrative applications, economic, time & attendance, payroll etc.)


Personnel training, software and hardware upgrading, prompt support response through telephone or internet, overseeing bypersonal and regular on the spot visits.


Public Organizations

Private Firms

Data Bases

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